Foundation for your business

Distribution Model Consulting:

Fast growth stems from having a clear mission, a focused sales and marketing strategy, a clean database, and a well architected CRM system across the organization. Management has a standard need to assure their sales staff cross sale opportunities, and be able to forecasts sales and review insightful reports and dashboards on a regular basis. The retirement plan market is large and cluttered. To gain share, you need a well-thought-out end-state, a tight plan and an efficient process.

Acceleration Retirement invests in businesses where brand, innovation and world-class execution come together to provide growth and value-creation opportunities. We have worked with many successful large institutions from mutual fund providers to banks and TPA’s. Our mission is to work with your management and technology teams that are already in place to bring in a wealth of expertise and a pragmatic approach that defines and delivers a growth and a proven distribution model. Our model will be the foundation for your business for years to come regardless of the changes in your staff or the stock market.

While all of our consulting engagements are 100% customized to the needs of the client, below represents a typical timeline of phases that take place when we work with providers:

Step 01 – Discovery (1 Month)

End-State Development

Infrastructure Evaluation

Client Processes

Reporting Needs

Organization & Security

Step 02 – Design (1 Month)

Predictive Modeling

Responsibility Assignment



Agreement & Signoff

Step 03 – Configure (2 Months)

Business Rules






Step 04 – Pilot (2 Months)


Issues Resolution


Step 05 – Deploy (1 Month)


End User Training

Step 06 – Maintain (Ongoing)

Customer Support

System Administration

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Education

Internal efficiencies. Organized systems allow for maximum execution.

Your CRM should be the foundation of your business. It is the vehicle that drives your organization and your execution strategy on an ongoing basis. We have found that a number of our larger clients are most concerned with the following functionalities of CRM:

CRM Health Check

CRM Data Cleansing

CRM Alignment to Business Practices









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CRM is often failing to function to capacity at larger firms often because the IT staff is simply overwhelmed with other projects (from other parts of the business). Having a trusted expert from the retirement industry assist with the laundry list of implementation issues is seen as a positive breath of fresh air. Maximum efficiency is created by owning clean data, easy to access reports, simple to read dashboards, and an intelligently designed process that allows your entire organization to communicate effectively, and bring in more business in an accelerated timeframe.

Acceleration Retirement has a staff internally with an expertise in many different CRM systems, and specializes in working with the following:

Clean & Accurate Non Public Data = Competitive Advantage

This business is not about chasing a lot of prospects; it’s about chasing the right ones. While everyone else was using the same stale public data, we leveraged our knowledge from 25+ years of spearheading lead generation at Fidelity and our current business, and built the best prospect database in the country.

After spending many years on the corporate side of high volume 401k sales, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding the importance of gathering non -public data regarding ADVISORS and PLAN SPONSORS in the employee benefits business.

Key database services provided:

Plan Sponsor Data – We can use our proprietary database to create an accurate list of prospects and contacts (with emails) to utilize for marketing to more effectively acquire new business.

Advisor Data – We have over 400,000 unique advisor records in our system to include RIA’s and Dually Registered Reps. Since 2009, we have made thousands of phone calls to this database, asking a number of valuable profiling questions. Each day, we gain a better understanding of which 40,000 have plans, which 4,000 have more than 5 plans, and which 400 have more than 40 plans.

Predictive Modeling – We use information from your client base or end-state consult to perform ideal client modeling. We then utilize a 15-step matching algorithm with that information throughout our database which will provide us with a foundational score on each record to identify which plans or advisors that are the best fit.

Data Cleansing & Analytics – We will analyze and clean your current database to relieve the stress caused by duplicate, and out of date information that is causing inefficiencies within your organization.

Data Hygiene Process Training – We will train your staff on how to properly maintain your database so that the processes that the entire company uses are sound in relation to maintaining a clean and accurate database of information.

Faster growth, happier reps and clients

Inbound Service and Sales Support

At many large firms, there is an ever present need to decrease customer queue times, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, and maximizing responsiveness to inbound traffic from a sales perspective, so that no lead is left behind. Outsourcing this support while staying on budget and keeping the calls on US soil can present significant challenges. We can help.

Acceleration Retirement has experience building processes and leveraging up to date phone and chat technology with large companies to provide a team of experienced sales or service representatives that act as white labeled members of your team. This call team is available “On Demand” or over longer periods of time to assure that your customers and/or potential prospects don’t have to wait to get the help they deserve


Advisor Recruitment Services

While you have a team of recruiters that work for you, there is a vast ocean of growing advisors out there, and seemingly never enough of a full pipeline to grow at the rate you need with the right books of business.

We know how financial advisors think, because we have been in their shoes. We have generated thousands of appointments with advisors that are looking to possibly make a career move. We can work with your team to call on your behalf, and get your recruiters closing deals with 75% of their time, instead of trying to open them.


Outbound Telemarketing Services

Leads fuel your growth. Generating leads in the employee benefits business is tough. The buyers are inert and the product is technical. You need a specialist.

We know that there are a limitless number of horror stories out there about lead generation firms that simply have a hard time producing appointments that actually work. Our approach is built on QUALITY over QUANTITY. We exclusively partner with a select group of retirement providers and practices.

We do not hire low cost telemarketers. Our lead generation provides our clients with a dedicated, highly trained team of experts that know the employee benefits businesses. Our associates work closely with you to bring your story alive and continually improve the targeting of leads. We utilize our proprietary database of unique data to procure specific date and time appointments with prospects that fit your model.

Lead Sheet Example


Lead Generation FAQ

What is Acceleration’s experience in the industry?

Acceleration was founded by industry experts who helped create and lead Fidelity Investments’ retirement plan marketing and sales organization. Since 2009, Acceleration clients from across the country have benefited from Acceleration’s processes and services.

What services does Acceleration provide?

Services we offer include:

  • High Quality Lead Generation
  • Database & Prospect List Creation
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Brand & Website Development
  • Consulting Services:
    – Marketing Strategy
    – Sales Story & Value Proposition
    – Process Management
    – CRM Platform


What makes Acceleration’s leads High Quality?

Acceleration prides itself as the retirement plan industry’s premier lead generation source. Our account executives are experienced in financial services, bringing a high level of sophistication to their prospect interactions. They are also assigned to specific clients allowing them to develop a specialization in the client’s story. Acceleration account executives naturally become an extension of the firms they represent. Acceleration is able to maintain high lead quality because our account executives are able to exercise good judgment and act in our clients’ best interests.

Additionally, Acceleration leads are created directly with the decision makers of the plan sponsor organization. We receive consistent praise from our clients regarding the leads we provide because our account executives go beyond setting the meeting. Account executives also gather details about the plan and the interests and concerns of the plan sponsor. This information is then passed to our clients in order to provide a seamless transition from the cold call to the meeting. Reciprocally, the prospect is well informed about the client, the purpose for opening a dialog and the expectations for the meeting.


How does Acceleration define a lead?

A lead is defined as a meeting with a decision maker who is willing to discuss your services and share information with you about their retirement plan. The prospect will be located in a region that you select and have an asset size that you wish to engage. Prior to the meeting, the prospect will know who you are and why you are meeting with them. Acceleration will ensure that the prospect will actually be interested in talking with you about their retirement plan.


What happens if a lead does not meet the definition?

Acceleration prides itself on quality. To ensure quality, we meet weekly with our clients to discuss the call campaign and the status of outstanding leads. Acceleration will provide a refund or replace a lead that does not meet the definition.


Are the prospects I meet with looking to make a change in their retirement plans?

Although there are in-market opportunities, only a very small percentage of the marketplace is actively searching for a new retirement plan provider or advisor. Most of our leads are arranged with executive level prospects that are interested in learning more about how their plan compares among their peers.
Our associates are focused on creating interest among these prospects to develop a relationship and build trust in your offering. These relationships help our clients present the gaps in costs and service that
spark the demand for a change in the prospects.


Will I be able to provide the client with a benchmark review of their retirement plan?

Most of our clients have a partnership or an internal process that they use to create retirement plan benchmark evaluations. In the sales process, it is typical that your meetings will involve a discussion about a review or benchmark evaluation of the plan, but that does not always mean that one will actually take place immediately.


How do you go about targeting the right prospects for my business?

Acceleration has expertise in working with retirement plan industry specific prospect and plan data to segment territories. Before performing any direct marketing, we work with each client to develop the right target market, marketing strategy, and customized contact list for their business. When creating lists for our clients, we utilize analytical best practices in conjunction with our proprietary database of prospect information. Acceleration’s proprietary database is unique because it contains both public and non-public prospect information, providing a significant competitive advantage.


What types of training can Acceleration provide my firm?

We provide weekly consulting to our lead generation clients through normally scheduled client meetings run by senior members of Acceleration’s management. We utilize our years of retirement plan sales and marketing experience to provide best practices and sophisticated consulting valuable to all those involved in the sales side of the industry. Accelerations’ training process is designed to teach clients how to best market themselves, penetrate their territory and close new sales. We also offer customized hourly training, as well as half-day and full-day training and consulting sessions for sales staffs regarding retirement plan sales and lead generation. Sales process training and consulting is fully customized depending on the client needs.


What strategic partnerships does Acceleration have that might benefit my marketing strategy?

Our clients have access to the finest end-to-end business generation solutions ever created for the retirement plan services industry. Acceleration partners closely with Strategy Expediters to provide email campaign management, and BrightScope to assist with prospect intelligence and reports. We work
closely with our clients to devise the most effective strategy for any marketing budget and stage in the business growth cycle.


What is involved in bringing me on board as a new client?

After signing a service agreement, new client implementation is generally a four week process. The duration of the on boarding process generally depends on the depth and level of technical sophistication of the marketing program selected.


What does Acceleration charge for lead generation services?

A single $1,950 on-boarding fee is charged prior to client implementation to help cover territory building, message development, account executive training and other expenses. Once calling begins, lead generation services typically run between $1,250 and $3,000 per month, depending on the services and amount of activity requested by the client.

High energy education on proven ideas that impact growth

At Acceleration Retirement, part of the reason we are successful in this industry, is because we truly love what we do. We enjoy bringing real-world training and education to the advisor community by focusing on sales and marketing ideas that are often not addressed at many of the events and conferences we have been to over the years.

The fact of the matter is that advisors simply don’t have enough partners or mentors in the business that are truly willing to spend the time to share their secrets of how they have grown to be so successful. It is difficult for those successful groups to get into the gritty details of the model that they have running underneath the foundations of their practice.

When we speak, we turn heads because the material has been proven to work over many years. The real world applicability, attention to detail and inclusion of new spins on easy-to-grasp concepts is vital to making sure that when our speaking engagement is over, the surveys come back very positive.

Interesting content delivered on time

Polished materials and well written emails, blogs, articles, and white papers are more prevalent today than ever. Where 10 years ago, many provider’s marketing staff was ahead of the curve, today it feels as if they have a hand tied behind their back. Some feel they are not even in the race at all because their marketing team is focused on another part of the company, and their division is left in the wake of a marketing machine that helps when it can, which never seems to be often enough.

Acceleration Retirement has a staff of industry experts, that can do the dirty work for your group that is researching and writing white papers, emails, blogs, and social media posts so that you look like the hero, and your sales can effectively flourish based on unique content that stimulates readers more than the average piece.

While no marketing piece has ever made a sale, having professionally polished and customized materials creates a great first impression. One of the values to our services is the inherent knowledge of the institutional marketplace that we have. So many other marketing firms that our clients have worked with in the past are proficient at the development of content, but have to be taught about what sells in this space, which takes time that you simply shouldn’t be having to spend. We know how to make a positive impact, what language your prospects are looking for, and more importantly how to think and act differently than your competition.